Alexa Skill: Wheel of Fun

I recently finished my second skill, Meal Buddy. I was brainstorming new skill ideas when it hit me: How about a Spin the Wheel skill? I immediately started working on it, and within a few hours, the skeleton of the skill was complete. I spent another day adding basic content to it, and ta-da! My skill was completed.

When you spin the Wheel, it will give the user a random prize, like a fact, joke, or even a fart sound. Afterward, it will ask them if they would like to spin once more. It will continue repeating the process until the user leaves the skill.

I have continued making Wheel of Fun better by adding it to different countries, adding more content, etc. In the one month since publishing it, nearly 6,000 people have spun the wheel about 30,000 times, and the numbers are always growing!

Here is a demo of my skill:

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